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Culture & Craft

In our Cultural area, we study the Earth, planets and rocks. Science experiments are often group activities but include some individual exercises. The study of animals and plants are undertaken both inside and outside. Children learn about other cultures through celebrations and interesting objects in the class.


Art is an opportunity to relax and gather strength for the next challenging piece of work. The Montessori classroom offers painting, drawing and other new mediums for the child to experiment with. We practice simple skills such as cutting, gluing and collage. 



Monarch Magic happens every June at Windmill. We count, observe and delight in the stripey caterpillars and golden threaded chrysalids that hide in plain sight. Catching the butterfly emerging with wet wings and taking flight is a joyous occasion!


Frida Kahlo Portraits

Each week our older children participate in MonArt. We study famous artists and practice our own drawing skills. 

Our parents soon learn to recognize our style.

IMG_0700 .jpg



We build puzzle maps.We pin punch and make our own maps. We draw flags and do research on other cultures. We are curious about our place on this Earth, in this country, in this state and in our town,


Stone Soup

Each Year we gather together to read and act out Stone Soup. Each of us contribute a spice or vegetable, accompanied by the harvests of our school garden.

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