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Reading & Mathematics

Our Language area facilitates phonemic awareness. The child learns their sounds using Sandpaper letters. These give the child a tactile, visual and auditory memory of the sound. They learn to write using the Movable Alphabet as well as practice letter formation on chalkboards or paper. Our class is surrounded by language in all areas of the curriculum. Various levels of vocabulary are used in the class by the three different age groups. The children observe more sophisticated ways of solving problems verbally.

Math materials aid the child in memorizing numbers and engage them in activities that combine numbers with quantities. The child can then move onto counting and number recognition using teens and tens. The four basic operations are introduced using the decimal system. The decimal system is introduced concretely, using golden beads. The child then progresses onto more abstract ways of working with these operations. Basic math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are learned by working with many different materials. Children are prepared for Math by their work with the Sensorial and Practical life exercises.

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Learning to Read

Students use textured materials to learn the individual letters of the alphabet, later combining them to form words and sentences.


Learning Numbers

Much like the reading learning process, students use sensorial materials to learn how to identify numbers and begin to discover basic mathematics, such as addition and subtraction.

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Number Rolls

Students hone their mathematical skills by counting, and then writing numbers to their fullest ability. Some of our number rolls have exceed well over 1000.


Acrostic Poems

Students learn to form and write letters in an engaging, thoughtful manner that invites them to draw comparisons between words and letters.

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